MJM Photography

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My name is MJ and I am a 29 year old Canadian girl (from Ontario) who loves all things photo related! I've been into photography since 2005 and recieved my very first DSLR camera in 2007. I completed a course in Photography in 2010 and recieved highest honours. I am always learning and absorbing what I can!

I shoot with Canon and have since I got my first camera way back when point and shoots were 3 megapixels and cost about $300. We've come a long way since then! I enjoy all types of photography and choose not to limit myself. Of course I have my own style and way of doing things, but when it comes to subjects, I will photograph anything with very few exceptions.

I currently work for a website called BurningStars.net and I have in the past worked for DeathbatNews.com as a Photographer.

Portrait of myself with my camera taken by Lor of Madness Inspiring Images!

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